GPS Guided Audio Tour of the Three Lakes District

The Three Lakes cruise with Jean-Jacques Rousseau: the Biel Shipping Company has launched a GPS guided audio tour for its passengers – a first in Swiss boat tourism.

Project description

 - «Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on board here at Biel for the magnificent Three Lakes cruise. My name is Jean-Jacques Rousseau and you will get to know me better over the next few hours.»

Entertaining, enlightening audio tour in 3 languages

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a well-known philosopher, educator, natural scientist and composer of the 18th century, once lived in the Three Lakes district. In his narratives, he takes the boat passengers through the history and everyday life of bygone days during a cruise from Biel to Morat and back to Biel via Neuchâtel. He is assisted by Barbara Stucki-Graber, a delightful colleague from the present era who additionally contributes facts from modern times.

The complete audio tour consists of 23 episodes which are related in German, French and English. The narratives can be heard on the four boats «MS St. Petersinsel – OrangeBoat», «MS Rousseau», «MS Berna» and «MS Chasseral».

Superior GPS guided audio tours with TriggerPOINT

This audio experience is made possible with TriggerPOINT, the innovative entertainment system specifically developed for use in tourist transportation such as boats, buses or trains. Wireless GPS technology enables automatic and simultaneous replay of pre-recorded multi-language audio commentaries. At the proper moment in time, the information on the places of interest along the round trip is transmitted by radio signal to small receivers with headphones worn by the passengers. The uncomplicated design of the equipment allows the visitors to easily select volume and language.

Overcoming language barriers, acquiring customers

With its new audiotour, BSG extends its Three Lakes cruise to a multi-language experience. With this, it acquires new customer segments both from individual tourism and international group travel. Visitors from all over the world can enjoy superior radio entertainment with enthralling background noises and lively musical accompaniment.

With this emotional experience, BSG expands its range of services and increases turnover.

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Audiotours in the media

Locker Rousseau zuhören Bieler Tagblatt | 31.3.10 | PDF 125 KB
Fahrt auf drei Seen: hören, sehen und staunen Espace Card | 28.5.10 | PDF 778 KB

Key Project Facts


GPS audio tour of the Three Lakes Cruise.
Since May 2010.




Bielersee Navigation Company (BSG)
Badhausstrasse 1a
CH - 2501 Biel


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