Project description


One locomotive, three trailers: Ideal requirements for an audio tour with the «TourMaster» GPS audio tour system. This technology is geared toward multilingual tours and was developed explicitly for tourist vehicles like ships, buses, trains and trolleys.

Space-saving components, flexible operation

The small central unit that stores all the language files and GPS coordinates was installed in the driver's cab below the steering wheel. The driver uses the connected control panel to operate the audio tour manually whenever necessary. This is only required in exceptional cases in everyday operation since the audio tour is queued automatically by GPS.

Wires run from the central unit along the side panels of the three trailers to digital splitters and audio consoles that are installed in every row of seats. The passengers connect their earphones to these consoles and control the volume and language of the audio tour. A loudspeaker in the driver's cab allows the driver to respond to commentary from tour passengers.

Smart GPS triggering

The system's own “Route Builder” software acquires and links the GPS coordinates of every tourist attraction along the audio tour to the corresponding audio commentary in French, English and German. When the vehicle passes one of these places of interest during the tour, the GPS antenna installed on the locomotive detects the current location and automatically triggers the corresponding commentary in each language with pinpoint accuracy. 

Professional offer for domestic and international tourism

With the acquisition of this top-quality trolley from Klingler AG and the integrated professional «TourMaster» GPS audio tour system by Audiotours GmbH, Neuchâtel Tourism is significantly increasing its tourists' experiential value throughout the city tour and obtains a competitive advantage in the industry as a result.