These eco-friendly devices have been designed specifically for rugged weather conditions. They are the ideal solution for nature trails, parks, beaches, gardens or any other site in free nature.


U-Turn Round

The U-Turn Round is a wind-up dynamo powered digital sound store, weather and vandal resistant. Visitors can select a message to listen to through the selector dial, which offers up to eight message options (MP3 files updatable via supplied USB Programming Dongle). Just a few turns of the handle is enough to play any message in full, with no need for continuous winding once playback begins. 

The U-Turn Round is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Designed to be fitted onto a pole or mounted to a wall (as standard), the U-Turn Round’s independence from mains power means it can be installed virtually anywhere.

U-Turns have 2 shaped inserts on the front panel called batwings (due to their shape). Our personalisation service offers etching of these batwings to your requirements.

Key features include: 

  • ability to enable or disable end of message beeps
  • single track usage statistics
  • overall play statistics
  • 10 volume levels


Solar Post

Activated by two external buttons the solar powered Audio Post is a self-powered external sound store, capable of playing up to 6 audio messages (MP3 files updatable via supplied USB Programming Dongle). The Solar Audio Post is available either constructed from robust tanalised timber, incredibly durable powder coated stainless steel or as electronics only (to be built into a unit of your own design).

The Solar Audio Post is powered by 4 solar panels, housed behind a stainless steel grille and charging four rechargeable AA 2500mAH (Ni-MH) long life batteries at up to 200mA per hour. The panels are angled in such a way as to provide optimal exposure to sunlight throughout the day. Users are able to select which message they wish to hear by pushing each button.

Solar Posts are supplied with plain stainless steel fronts but we do offer a customisation service which engraves the plate with black words, logos and outlines to your chosen design. You can choose to design, we produce the plate. There’s also the option for an additional customised top plate.

Additional features include 10 volume options and the ability to obtain playback statistics (in audio format) to see how many times the unit has been used. Customers can also easily load new content when desired using the USB Programming Dongle supplied.

The Solar Audio Post is available as:

  • Tanalized Timber In-Ground Mount
  • Metal In-Ground Mount
  • Metal Plinth Mount
  • Electronics only 

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