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 - We are a one-stop shop for audio tours and multimedia experiences, from initial concept to final recording – including apps. We advise, design, write, translate, record, programme and install. And, above all else, we support you.

Strategy and Concept

 - The greatest strength of a good concept lies in the courage to see things differently from everyone else.

We will help you to find ideas that may not have occurred to you before, and we will seek to establish the significance and purpose of your project, offer alternatives, discuss target groups and technology, and inform you about the projected timescale and costs – all in a friendly, relaxed brainstorming session or workshop. We know from experience what works where, and what does not. Thanks to our advice, you will be able to steer clear of all the pitfalls and use a targeted approach to implement your project.


 - Station and stop announcements are for trains and buses – we offer much more than that.

Our audio tours and multimedia experiences are not limited to a chronological list of historical events and places of interest, using the format, “On your left, you can see this, on your right, you can see that, etc.” Our copywriters are talented storytellers who do exhaustive research and link everything together. They use the full range of their considerable creative skills to immerse their audience completely in the experience. They also make sure that they always stick to the agreed timings, so that your one-hour tour does not end up lasting for two hours! Only then will the whole be greater than the sum of its parts and give your audience the great experience you wish them to have.


 - “Now see you on right red house.” Online machine translations really are like that – so, of course, they are not an option for us.

We work only with professional translators who know and use only the correct words, phrases and idioms for their own language. They are also aware that the same text may be longer or shorter in a different language, so they ensure that a multilingual tour ends at the same time in every language. And in order to ensure that no meaning is lost in the process, everything is double-checked, and copywriters review texts translated into their mother tongue to ensure that they are correct in terms of both context and cultural background.

Sound production

 - A good audio tour captivates you and creates a palpable sense of excitement.

It communicates more than what you can see for yourself, so you can understand it far more quickly, remember it far more clearly and recount it far more easily than mere abstract explanations and descriptions. Depending on the script, we bring historical figures to life, include one or more narrators, and add music, sound effects and even aspects of the dramatic arts. This is because you will only have an authentic experience, and go home with a deeper understanding of what you have heard, if you are drawn unexpectedly and irresistibly into the story.



 - You can offer your visitors a unique experience with such appeal that they will enthusiastically tell other people about it.

Whether you would like a GPS-guided audio tour for ships, boats, buses and trains, or a smartphone app for people who want to discover the world for themselves, our team of programmers and device experts will ensure that the contents of your tour are available at the right time and place, and in the correct language, with no fuss.



 - What do you need? A classic audio guide or an iPod touch? One with integrated GPS function or just a button-operated device?

Different needs require different solutions. Not only do we produce content: thanks to our cooperation with specially selected partners, we also provide you with the right device at the right price – including accessories such as headphones, lanyards and charging stations. Of course, we also assist you in setting everything up and we help with on-site training, thus ensuring that your devices are ready for use from day one.


 - No need to worry! We will never leave you in the lurch. Even after the end of your project, we are still there for you: we provide advice, support and technical assistance.

We would like to stay in touch and develop our relationship with you. Why? Because we strive every day to ensure that our audio tours and multimedia experiences fullfil the requirements of your target market. This is the only way we can continue to guarantee that you will have an attractive and unmistakable presence, lifting you head and shoulders above the competition.