For indoors or outdoors, for museums, city sightseeing tours or hikes: Smartphone mobile tours are especially suitable for individual travelers who have their own equipment and wish to discover the world on their own.

Download the right application (app) to your own unit and off you go! Via click on the display, via GPS or wireless technology, the smartphone determines where you are now and promptly provides the information for the current place of interest with images, texts, sound or films if required. Depending on the type of application, your own location can continuously be indicated on an interactive map. Elevation profiles, distances or indications of time simplify planning. But that’s not all: depending on the range of application, apps can be completed with innumerable attractive features which can be integrated in the existing apps as desired. 

Easy App-Development with the help of the app builder 'Tour App Maker'

We at Audiotours (Pty) Ltd developed the Tour App Maker with the help of mobileXstudio so that you can quickly and easily build new apps, or change the contents of your existing applications.

Our program uses a web content management system, enabling clients to create, manage and publish apps, adding value to their visitors’ experience. You don’t need to know any computer programming, we’ve done it all for you! Simply add your text, pictures, sound and videos to our provided templates and pre-set functions. Before going live and publishing your changes, preview the content using our App Viewer on your own Smartphone.

Audiotours Ltd can also customize the app for you, adding bespoke features and adjustments required especially for your attraction. Simply contact us to discuss your needs.

Also for iBeacon-guided tours

Audiotours Ltd focuses on innovative and up-to-date tours. This is why we have integrated the iBeacons technology into our Tour App Maker. Just like all other modules, this function can be uploaded, on request, into our web content management system and configured for use with your own app.

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