InHand Guide: Low Cost Audio Guide the Size of a Credit Card

The InHand Guide is a new and exciting technology that makes it easier for organizations to provide self-directed or guided audio tour experiences. The credit card sized device securely stores and delivers your audio tours in any language, anywhere. For tourism or business applications: Surprise your guests and customers with an exciting acoustic experience with your visual branding.

The InHand Guide comes complete with stereo earphones (earbuds). It is battery operated and therefore reusable. It can be distributed in a labelled gift box or in a polybag. A printed insert (i.e. map for city walk, etc.) is included.

Generate more revenue

The InHand Guide can be used as a souvenir, for promotion purposes or simply to deliver important information. You provide visitors and guests superior and personalized audio experiences while generating significant retail revenue that includes your visual branding.

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For tourism applications
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For corporations
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