iBeacons offer more innovative smartphone tours


Imagine you are visiting an exhibition and have downloaded the relevant app onto your smartphone beforehand. When entering the museum, you receive the following message: ʺWelcome to our art gallery. On the third floor, you will find the entrance to the special exhibition. Please take the lift on the right hand side at the end of the lobby.ʺ When you arrive on the third floor, the app takes you through the exhibition step by step and provides interesting information on the exhibits at just the right moment.

Intelligent visitor tours

iBeacons are what are behind this type of digital tour. A ʺbeaconʺ is a wireless, thumb-sized transmitter that is inconspicuously attached next to a point of interest. It is battery powered and is based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard. The range of each iBeacon can be determined individually up to a distance of around 30 m (signal range) and at precisely 10 cm at close range. Several iBeacons can be attached next to each other and linked with different messages.

iBeacons send signals to mobile devices within their range and, thanks to a Bluetooth connection, they recognise the current position of people in their proximity. If you are within the signal range of an iBeacon, you will receive a message in the associated app. With just one click, you can access the information on the point of interest. This targeted conveying of information and the associated possibilities for visitor tours offer great potential for exciting, useful and entertaining iBeacon apps. This can benefit all tours, both indoors and outdoors. These include museum tours, city tours, exhibitions and scavenger hunts, as well as trade fairs, large events and commercial shops.

Uncomplicated, flexible, low-cost

From a technological point of view, iBeacons offer immense advantages particularly in the complicated indoor navigation area as compared to WiFi localisation, NFC, etc. They work reliably, provide exact bearings to the centimetre and use comparatively little energy. Another great benefit of iBeacons is their uncomplicated installation, as they do not require any modifications of the building architecture on-site. They can easily be attached in a well-concealed place without affecting the conservation of historical monuments. iBeacons can be purchased from specialist retailers at a low cost and in different sizes.

Integrated as a standard in the Tour App Maker

Audiotours GmbH focuses on innovative and up-to-date tours. This is why we have integrated the iBeacons technology into our Tour App Maker. Just like all other modules, this function can be uploaded, on request, into our web content management system and configured for use with your own app.


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