HearMe - Wireless Tour Guide System


This wireless tour guide system was specifically developed for mobile applications and allows the tour guides to make themselves heard. No matter whether their visitors happen to be standing close-by or a bit further away.

A transmitter with a microphone sends the explanations of the tour guides in a clear and audible manner up to a distance of approx. 70 meters. The visitors conveniently follow the comments through a small receiver with headphones. This way, guided tours can be carried out without disturbances both in noisy surroundings and also in very quiet places such as churches where you must keep your voice down.

Selected highlights of the HearMe tour guide system:

  • 80 channels & auxiliary input
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Up to 16 live guides simultaneously
  • Full day usage with no charging
  • Portable charger cases

HearMe is great for guided tours, factory inspections, indoor and outdoor sightseeing, bus excursions and conferences. Accessories such as induction loop amplifiers for the hard of hearing, lanyards or hygienic covers for headphones are also available.

"For our simultaneous translations and our factory tours - since introducing the HearMe-system our guests are able to understand the tour guides clearly and without any difficulties."

Iris Schild, Assistant to the Board of Management, Nahrin AG

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