Gain new customers

TriggerPOINT, TourMaster and TourMaster Lite are leading GPS-Tour entertainment systems. They have been specifically developed and produced for use in buses, ships, trolley buses, trains and trams. This opens up a whole range of new opportunities for tourism companies which would like to see success and grow with these high-quality sightseeing offerings.

Break down language barriers

With our GPS audio tour technology different languages are no longer an obstacle to your guests’ unforgettable holiday experiences – and on every subject in every location. And at the same time you can focus on the fastest growing tourism sector of today: International tourists.

Leave lasting impressions

Transform windows in trains, ships, trolley-buses or trams into real show cases. We will create a huge theatre stage for you. Our creative team will breathe new life into historical events, let famous people speak, tell you about legends, amusing incidents and local folklore. Your guests will be immersed in breathtaking stories, accompanied by enthralling background sounds and lively musical accompaniment.

Reduce your costs

Investments in further education and training of multilingual tour guides are expensive. With TriggerPOINT, TourMaster and TourMaster Lite you can reduce your costs without having to compromise on the highest quality and a fast induction period.

Now you can combine entertainment with innovation! Together we can transform your visions into reality - from script designs through sound production to the installation of the technology in your vehicles.

With enduring GPS audio experiences we can provide you with the necessary arguments to win new markets and customers. As a company with access to individual and mass tourism we can create a revenue stream for you that will be taken seriously and which more than justifies a financial investment.

Contact us today and we will be pleased to tell you more.