Professional GPS Commentary Systems for Providers of Sightseeing Tours


"TourMaster Lite", "TourMaster" and "TriggerPOINT" belong to the leading entertainment systems for GPS-guided audio tours in the tourism sector. They have been specifically developed and produced for mobile use in buses, trains, trams, trolley buses and ships and target single-language and multi-lingual sightseeing tours.

The three GPS systems are vibration-resistant and small in size in order that they can easily be integrated into existing racks of any type of vehicle. As soon as the vehicle passes a point of interest during a sightseeing tour the GPS receiver recognizes the current position and triggers the commentary automatically and precisely at the right place each and every time in all languages. The commentaries are delivered to the vehicles' PA-system or to headsets in best digital sound quality. The specifically developed Route Builder software allows you to capture and manage GPS referenced trigger points quickly and easily.

TourMaster Lite: Small and Handy for Single Language Audio Tours

With the physical size of only 170 x 90 x 45 mm the TourMaster Lite is the smallest version of the three GPS entertainment systems. It is ideal for single language sightseeing tours and gets connected to the vehicles' PA-system. Tour commentaries are broadcast over the already built-in loudspeakers and can either be triggered automatically by GPS-detection or manually with the help of a separate driver control panel.

TourMaster: Hardwired System for Multilingual Sightseeing Experiences

TourMaster has been developed specifically for multilingual or multi-topic audio tours and can deliver up to 22 languages simultaneously. The GPS play list and audio content are stored on the small headend unit which is usually installed close to the driver. The driver control panel makes the system simple to manipulate at the touch of a button, allowing for play, pause and stop features. Standard CAT-5 cables run along the side walls of the vehicle and connect to weatherproof audio controllers mounted at every passenger seat. Passengers connect their headsets to these audio controllers and select their preferred language and volume.

TriggerPOINT: Wireless Commentary System for Multilingual Sightseeing Experiences

TriggerPOINT facilitates GPS-automated, wireless and simultaneous tour commentary in up to 12 languages. It is ideal for vehicles like boats or double-decker buses where passengers are free to roam around with no seating restrictions. Radio transmitters are connected to the headend unit, and passengers use wireless receivers with headsets to listen to the tour commentary. Language and volume can be selected on the wireless receiver. The commentary system also includes the driver control panel offering play, pause and stop features.

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