AG2: Affordable audio guide with built-in number pad and infrared technology

Offer your visitors an effortless audio tour experience thanks to the automatic triggering of tour commentaries. All explanations are delivered in top stereo quality over the headset. The large storage capacity with integrated data carrier enables virtually unlimited upgrading for up to 32 languages and thousands of audio sequences.

Great sound from a built-in speaker or two earphone jacks available for couples and parents with kids. Backlit display and a raised dot on the number 5 to help people who are visually impaired find their way around the keypad. Lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge, audio guides are new in every way, making everything easier to interact with.

The AG2 features an OLED display and high fidelity Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. It supports high quality MP3 audio files, offering up to 20 hours of stereo audio playback with a built-in 2 GB memory card. Memory capacity can be expanded to 16 GB.The audio files are stored directly inside the device and are rapidly and conveniently updated via USB memory stick if necessary.

Clever Audio Automation for Multiple Languages

Changing languages is amazingly simple. Using your audio guide, simply tap a RFID card and voilà! You’re done. Audio guides also include alarm triggering on all devices (with the installation of a wire loop). And a dedicated “info” button provides visitors with helpful information. This makes the AG2 the perfect audio guide for all self-guided tours in- and outdoors, museums, expositions, art galeries, heritage sites, industry tours.

Handy Audio Guide Chargers. Expanable charger stations.

10 unit and 20 unit audio guide chargers are rack mountable and stackable. You canconnect up to five 10 unit chargers from one power source – so you can connect and expand audio guide chargers on demand.

Duplicating your data just got easier. No computer required. An optional 20 unit audioguide uploader provides fast mirroring. Load an audio guide and mirror 20 at a time.

Change and update your content as often as you want. Just another reason why you can share and do everything in a few easy steps.

No Fees. No Ongoing Costs.

Our audio guide makes it easy to create, deliver and share engaging audio tours. No cost software. And no ongoing licensing fees. This means that you can update and change your audio tour content as often as you want, because we believe audio belongs to its rightful owner – you!


Featuring CD quality sound and an optional teleloop, you can provide greater accessibility for the hard of hearing. Fully compatible with T-Switch and induction loop hearing aid technologies, we offer a variety of accessories to make your visitors feel better about their experience. 

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Key Words

For all self-guided tours in- and outdoors, museums, expositions, art galeries, heritage sites, industry tours.

+ Affordable audio guide system
+ Optional remote triggering with infrared technology
+ Built-in alarm system
+ Rack mountable chargers
+ Free software, no ongoing fees
+ Full day usage between charges

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Multimedia Guide AG2 for museums and expositions
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Device Specification

+ Hand held push button audio guide with backlit keypad
+ OLED-screen (1.3” full color 128x64)
+ Dedicated help key
+ Raised number “5” key for the visually impaired
+ Built-in infrared commentary triggering technology
+ Built-in 2 GB SD-card (approx. 20 hours of audio commentary), expandable to 16 GB
+ Max. 32 languages; max. 9,900 audio files per language
+ CD quality stereo sound
+ Format audio files: MP3
+ Black, robust ABS housing
+ Size: 29.6 x 55.3 x 200 mm
+ Weight: 180g (incl. batteries)
+ Including 1 x 3.7 V / 1,200 mAh Li-Polymer battery (rechargeable)
+ Continuous playing for 13-14 hours; recharges in 4-5 hours
+ 3.5 mm earphone jack (stereo)
+ Built-in theft alarm for use with alarm kit (separate)
+ Windows-based PC Software for audio upload
+ Documentation
+ 2 year warranty