Bench Stories - A Bench Tells a Thousand Tales

Your park bench can do much more than just give you somewhere to sit. It can draw you into fantastical worlds, stir your imagination and take you away on wonderful journeys while you remain seated. Because your bench tells a thousand tales.

Creative package for innovative tourism, sales and marketing professionals

"Bankgeschichten" ("Bench Stories") uses public benches as contact points. A sign with the telephone number 0844 44 33 11, plus an individual code, is affixed to the bench rest. By calling this number from your own mobile phone and using the code, you can hear anecdotes for tourists, interesting facts about an event, or news about a company and its latest products. Depending on the subject and content, the audio experience lasts up to three minutes. The call will be charged at the local rate.

This is how it works

Audiotours GmbH receives the finished sound recordings from the customer. Then we assign codes to the stories and prepare them for retrieval by mobile phone from the "Bench Stories" server. Up to approximately twenty calls can be made to the 0844 number simultaneously.

At the end of each bench story, a text message is automatically sent to the caller. This may contain information about what the caller has listened to, or relevant contact details. The content of each text message is limited to 150 characters and specified by the customer.

The (aluminium) signs with the correct codes are produced by Audiotours GmbH on the basis of the contents specified by the customer, and are then delivered to be affixed to the benches.

Overview of services 

  • Integration of all bench stories on Audiotours server
  • Activation and connection of “Bench Stories” telephone number, codes and stories for retrieval by mobile phone
  • Design, printing and dispatch of bench signs with codes, text and logos
  • Setting up text message service

Make the most of the many possibilities offered by “Bench Stories” – an innovative way to set yourself apart from the competition.

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Audiotours in the Media

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Auf der Suche nach sprechenden Bänken Landbote | 8.7.09 | PDF 234 KB
Auf Bänken sitzen und Promis zuhören Landbote | 27.5.09 | PDF 215 KB
Bankgeschichten mit Mona Vetsch Zuger Woche | 15.4.09 | PDF 122 KB
Winterthurer Tourismusdirektor Remo Rey im Interview mit Radio Central Radiointerview | 19.5.09
Christopher Jenni, Audiotours GmbH, im Interview mit Radio Pilatus Radiointerview | 8.5.09
Winterthurer Tourismusdirektor Remo Rey im Interview mit SR DRS Radiointerview | 15.5.09

Key Words

Use benches in an attractive and unique way as cultural sites with the potential for great popular appeal. Suitable for walking tours, trails, city tours, radio plays, readings, touristic guided tours, games, cultural events, tourist destinations, site marketing and sponsoring, campaigns.

We can turn your bench into a treasure trove of stories!
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Bench Stories

Audio Samples (German)

Reeto von Gunten
Mona Vetsch
Beat Schlatter
Einsiedeln Tourism
Tourism Maria Rickenbach

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