Project description


A man from Baar, a woman from Berlin. He is called Urs, she is called Lea. He tells her things about the area during a bus ride, she is flirting with him. And all the other passengers are privy to this because the whole private conversation is broadcast over the speakers of the bus. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

But what at first glance looks like a scene from a bad dream is actually the result of an innovative idea of the Canton of Zug. From Baar onwards the play winds its way through 41 stops in the boroughs of Zug, Steinhausen, Cham, Hünenberg and Risch all the way to Rotkreuz. This gives both tourists and locals an amusing and enjoyable opportunity to explore the diversity of Zug’s urban areas. Every day from 1:47pm onwards you will hear all there is to know about the landscape, the local recreation area close to town, important buildings, the development of the settlements and local business.

Audiotours GmbH produced the audio tour and managed the technological integration on board the bus for this innovative project. The challenge was not to disturb the regular bus services, to maintain all services of the ZVB and at the same time use the existing infrastructure. Given these circumstances, Audiotours took the decision to employ GPS systems and connect them to the integrated speaker system. This satellite-supported technology makes it possible to automatically play the correct audio files at the right time. The announcements of the 41 bus stops have also been integrated into the audio play so that passengers will be aware of the current position of the bus as normal.

This unique project has already created a lot of interest from other Swiss and foreign public transport services. The creative idea, the sophisticated implementation and the use of appropriate technology create a convincing formula. This solution not only enhances tourist destinations but companies and products as well. The application possibilities are virtually unlimited.

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