Project description


5 villages, 8 chapels, a breath-taking mountain scenery, and gems of buildings with a history spanning centuries: the Leukerbad Chapel Trail is an offer appealing to body, spirit, and soul. The five-hour walking route passes through beautiful places and becomes an unforgettable experience for the young and the young at heart.

A guide to the "Chapel Route" has been available in book form since summer 2008, and it provides visitors with interesting historical details about the individual churches and chapels. It also provides further information about local activities, directions, maps and walking tours, with timings, as well as options to join and leave the tour, to make the walk easier.

In the context of the project "Enjoy Switzerland Leukerbad 2008" by Switzerland Tourism, Audiotours GmbH has expanded its communication about the Chapel Trail and started a dedicated blog on the Internet. Visitors received all information for the entire walking tour in pictures, tone, and text under As is common in blogs, guests on this platform could add descriptions of their own experiences and share them with other interested parties.

Besides the idea and the development of the concept, Audiotours GmbH made all sound recordings and photographs, and took care of the technical realization of the blog. Texts, images, and maps were made available by Leukerbad tourism and selectively complemented with our own material. This combination was particularly useful, because all contents could be used without additional costs for several communication channels. The stories by the charismatic minister of Leukerbad, for example, will soon also be available on the web page of the Catholic Church Leukerbad.

The blog was integrated into the tourist platform This strengthened the marketing of the Chapel Trail and created the potential for a multitude of additional contacts between visitors and the tourism destination. Additional services such as Google Maps or GEO Tracks opened the possibility to each visiting tourist to become active and assemble information according to his or her own needs.

The increased visibility on the Internet is a genuine added value for any destination. It offers the chance to tell potential guests something about the destination’s offer and to motivate them to come for a visit.

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