GPS Audio Tour «Mutschälle Zähni»

To Erdmannlistein and back in classic BDWM trains – a delight for all railway enthusiasts. Along the tour, guests receive detailed information on different points of interest.

Project description

 - In the historic traction engines of the Bremgarten-Dietikon railway, “Mutschälle Zähni” and “SiBNI”, visitors can travel through the Wohler woods to the smallest railway station in the world: Erdmannlistein. On their way, they can listen to interesting topics about Bremgarten and the surrounding area. Once they have arrived at the station, passengers can explore the beautiful path of legends, where they can see its sculptures and the “Findelstein” stone. How could this stone, which weighs around sixty tons, end up there? And did meerkats really live there many years ago? Did they dance and jump around, before disappearing forever after an act of mischief? 

Monolingual TourMaster Lite System

This audio tour uses the TourMaster Lite system, the small version of the TriggerPOINT system. With dimensions of just 170 mm x 90 mm x 45 mm, it is our smallest tour system and is ideal for monolingual audio tours. The commentaries on the individual places of interest are provided via the integrated speakers in the vehicle, and they can be played either automatically using integrated GPS technology or via a control panel.

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GPS audio tour Mutschälle Zähni
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