Einsiedeln Audio Tour

Together with the Einsiedeln tourist office, Audiotours has created two audio tours leading you through the village. Nine different locations have been installed around the monastery and in the village centre.

Project description

 - Einsiedeln, Switzerland's most popular place of pilgrimage, attracts around 1 million visitors annually. The town is known primarily for its monastery church, the most important baroque building in Switzerland with the Chapel of Mercy and the "Black Madonna", much revered by Catholics. The beautiful little town also offers many sightseeing attractions and leisure options.

The visitor is able to access valuable information, anecdotes or historical details about the location, the buildings and the village using either their own mobile phone or an audio device rented from the tourist office. The individual narratives can be accessed by dialling the number 0844 444 446 and entering the appropriate code.

Listeners who access the audio tours via their mobile phone have additional options which are simple and easy to use. There is a selection of further information and useful services in and around Einsiedeln at the end of each sequence. At the moment you can obtain details of a variety of restaurants in the area or take part in the fun Einsiedeln quiz at the touch of a button. More services are planned. This is the essence of Audiotours' endeavours: enabling communication, opening up access, creating dialogue.

Audiotours took on all aspects of this project: from the design and planning phase to the musical production and signposting of the audio tours. The individual narratives are available in German and English.

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Audiotours in the media

Audiovisueller Dorfrundgang Bote der Urschweiz | 6.9.07 | PDF 137 KB
Ein Dorfrundgang für das Ohr Neue Schwyzer Zeitung | 6.9.07 | PDF 470 KB
Gäste mit Knopf im Ohr Einsiedler Anzeiger | 6.9.07 | PDF 75 KB
Tourismusdirektor Urs Raschle im Interview mit Radio Central Radiointerview

Key Project Facts


Discover Einsiedeln with your ears.
Since September 5, 2007

Dial up

0844 444 446, Codes 20101 to 20109


Einsiedeln Tourism
Hauptstrasse 85
8840 Einsiedeln

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Salve Regina

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