Project description


Waldstatt is in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, in the middle of a picturesque forest and hilly landscape. Once you’ve arrived at the train station, you’ll quickly find yourself on the Holzweg – literally! The Holzweg, or Wood Trail, is a 6.5 kilometer trail that leads from the station on a route around Waldstatt and includes 16 unique and interesting points of interest featuring wood and woodcrafts. You can experience a wooden bowling alley, a wood construction workshop, and a wooden pavilion.

The themed trail is brought to life with the app "Holzweg Waldstatt". The app in German can be downloaded free of charge from App Stores (iOS and Google) and is simple, informative and fun to use.

Easy to use for tourists

The app is entertaining because the information is conveyed by a likeable character: the woodworm Sämi. There is a variety of texts and pictures for each site, with videos, links and more providing extra information. Features making the app easy to use include:

  • The tour is marked on Google Maps - including all points of interest.
  • If GPS and location services are activated on a smartphone, the visitor’s own location is visible too.
  • The app allows users to switch easily between the map and the object information, by tapping on one of the two icons in the middle of the screen – the map or topic icon.
  • As visitors approach a point of interest, a message shows on the smartphone display, thanks to GPS recognition, making sure users don't miss any of the interesting sites.
  • All sites can be accessed at any time, regardless of location, both in the map view and in the topic view.

Sophisticated technology for clients

As simple as the app appears, the technology behind it is complex and sophisticated. Audiotours developed the app in a way that clients could do themselves and manage their own content as well. This is achieved by using Audiotours’ “Tour App Maker”, an easy-to-use web content management system (CMS).

  • Design: The appearance of the app is aligned with the client’s corporate identity and corporate design, with fonts and font colours being supplied by the client.
  • Sub-topics: There are subtopics integrated directly into the app for each of the 16 sights. The app thus offers in-depth information.
  • Own icons: The "Tour App Maker" has been enhanced so that clients can integrate their own graphic icons throughout. These icons are visible on the map and are GPS-located.
  • QR codes: There are QR codes on information boards situated at points of interest along the tour. Scanning these QR codes with a smartphone opens the corresponding information page in the app.

The ideal tool for clients

With the "Tour App Maker", Audiotours offers a proven, innovative, and contemporary tool for app creation.

The Tour App Maker

  • is a web content management system (WebCMS) for collecting and managing app content,
  • is template driven, making it easy for clients to fill in their own app content,
  • accepts different media formats, and
  • enables customisation according to client requirements. For example, in developing the "Holzweg Waldstatt" app, the template was extended to make it possible to record several tours in the same app.

With the "Tour App Maker", Audiotours' clients have an easy-to-use tool with extensive possibilities. The "Tour App Maker" can be used successfully across multiple sectors, such as tourism, education, or business. More information is available here or speak to us directly.

«Thanks to the Holzweg app, visitors are able to view all the highlights on the Holzweg in Waldstatt AR. With the help of Audiotours, we managed to implement the concept, content, and corporate design into the user-friendly app. For our technical concerns, we were supported at all times, from the start to the final implementation. We are pleased to have found a reliable and flexible partner in Audiotours.»

Beat Müller, Star Productions GmbH /  President of the association 300 years Waldstatt