Project description


While the history of most Swiss universities goes back centuries, not so for the University of Lucerne; a relative youngster, it was founded in 2000 and therefore can be counted as a "digital native", just like its students.

The university's tech-savvy character is expressed in the app " The Path to the University of Lucerne". The app gives an audio tour of the short history of the university and the long prehistory of tertiary education over the centuries. The informative walking tour showcases the historical path to the milestones of university education and research in Lucerne, and was developed for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the University of Lucerne and its approximately 3,500 students at the time.

A mobile voyage of discovery

The themed tour through the city begins at the Jesuit Church, the oldest baroque church in Switzerland, and leads a path through Lucerne highlighting twenty points of interest. Along the way, these milestones of Lucerne's educational history are presented in text, pictures and audio guides. Famous sights such as the Lion Monument and the Chapel Bridge can be enjoyed, with additional interesting information found from website links embedded within the app.

With built-in Google Maps, the app also functions as a city map with route guidance and - if GPS and location services are enabled - shows the user's own location. As you approach a point of interest, a notification appears on your smartphone display. The individual sites can also be displayed as a list from which the detailed information can be called up. Further, all information about the points of interest is accessible via QR codes on panels at the sites; these codes link to a website with content identical to that in the app. The audio guide is available both online and offline.

Completely as the customer wished it

What is special about the app is that the University of Lucerne created all the content itself and could upload it directly to the app, making edits and updating it on the go. Programming skills are not necessary, and the design and content were tailored exactly to the customer's needs, using tried and tested templates. This was all possible using Audiotours’ technology, provided in the Tour App Maker. It’s a web content management system (WebCMS) used to record and manage app content, suitable for multiple media formats.

The Tour App Maker is a simple but specific tool that saves time and money by making it possible to edit or update information within seconds, adding or changing content even after the app has been published.

How does the Tour App Maker work? Audiotours will be happy to discuss this with you. Give us a call.