Project description


Natural Resources Wales (NRW) acts as the Welsh Government’s (WG) Department of Forestry. They are responsible for managing the 38% of Welsh woodlands owned by the WG. To promote and build a broader brand awareness of their recreational facilities, to increase footfall to visitor sites, drive participation in activities and events and to increase visits to the recreation websites, NRW has decided to launch the 'PlacesToGo' Smartphone-App.

The application contains comprehensive maps to over 200 recreation trails, bike trails and horse-riding routes. Up-to-date information on how to reach the individual sites, aerial photographs and a brief description on each location helps visitors get the lowdown to plan their day in nature. The 'Filter'-function allows a search by favorite activity and facilitates the right pick of the preferred destination. Further details, pictures and online videos are available via the embedded internet links to the NRW-website.

Easy App-Development with the help of the app builder "Tour App Maker"

The 'PlacesToGo'-app was developed with the help of Audiotours’ and getunik's app builder Tour App Maker. With this web-based content management system clients are able to create, edit, update, expand and organize their app-content themselves, thus reducing external costs for the development of their apps. They also have the unique opportunity to develop further Smartphone applications in the future that are 100% identical in app-structure and look & feel. 

The 'PlacesToGo'-app is available in English and Welsh. It can be downloaded for free for the iPhone and Android Smartphones.

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