Project Description


Find out about the ibex that live high above Lake Brienz. The tiny rock particles deep in Lake Brienz that create the turquoise shimmer of the lake. The history of the legendary boatmen from Brienz, who rowed the first tourists to the Giessbach Falls. Learn all about the peculiarities and beauty of the area while on a boat cruise in the middle of Lake Brienz.

Pocket-sized personal tour guide

The “Lake Brienz Audio Tour” mobile app for smartphones deepens the Lake Brienz experience using multimedia. It is a personal audio guide and tour at the same time. Triggered by GPS points, the fictional sailor Annemarie tells entertaining stories at important points during the cruise. At the same time, the application offers clear images and informative texts for each point of importance through the tour. A map is also integrated, on which the sights along the route are highlighted, and the current location of the boat is always displayed.

During the one-hour round trip from Interlaken, passengers learn about nature and culture, the country and people around Lake Brienz, in their mode of choice: with only text and images, or only as an audio tour, or as a combination of all media.

From the first idea to the last word

Together with BLS AG, Audiotours GmbH designed the audio tour, wrote the script and  translated the original German into English and Mandarin. The three language texts ​​were then narrated in a professional sound studio, and set to music. At the same time, Audiotours developed the app and integrated all the content of the audio tour. After successful tests during the boat cruise, the application was released for download in the app stores.

The main features of the app:

  • The “Lake Brienz Audio Tour” app delivers texts, images and audio stories (approx. 20 minutes) for ten different points of interest.
  • The tour on Lake Brienz and the locations of the important sights are shown on a map (Google Maps).
  • Your own location can be displayed using GPS and location services.
  • The map can also be used offline (offline OpenStreetMap) so that there are no data roaming costs for foreign visitors.
  • When approaching a point of interest, a message on the smartphone display informs users of the next sight (GPS detection).
  • The app is available in German, English and Mandarin.
  • The app is available free of charge in the app stores for iOS and Google.

Tour App Maker: No programming skills required

The “Lake Brienz Audio Tour” app is developed on the “Tour App Maker” web content management system (WebCMS) from  Audiotours. This easy-to-use system is used as follows:

  • Audiotours creates an app template and activates all the functionalities  desired for the audio tour.
  • Customers upload their content of images, texts, sound files, and videos online to the WebCMS directly, to save time and costs.
  • Audiotours implements then tests the app, and makes it available for download in the app stores.
  • Changes to the app content are possible at any time via the Tour App Maker, even during operation. The application is updated within seconds. In this way, the audio tour is always up-to-date and contributes to an unforgettable tour on the BLS AG ships.