Kambly Experience Tour

The app to the adventure: With this virtual guide you will discover Kambly's origin and learn more about the origin of its raw material for the finest Kambly Specialities. The app is GPS-guided and was developed with the help of the app builder "Tour App Maker".

Project description

 - A 30 km E-bike tour will take you from Langnau through the distinctive rolling hills of the Emmental Valley, giving you breathtaking views over beautiful mountains and valleys. You can find your way using the GPS function on your smartphone and a map which includes your current position at all times. So you don't miss any interesting sites a sound is triggered on your smartphone as soon as you come near a point of interest. One click offers you a fascinating insight into the world of local production of raw ingredients for the world-famous Swiss biscuit manufacturers with images, text and sound.

The tour finishes with a visit to The Kambly Experience in Trubschachen, here you can sample all sorts of biscuit to your heart’s content and enjoy a refreshing break in the Kambly Café.

Easy App-Development with the help of the app builder "Tour App Maker"

The "Kambly Experience"-app was developed with the help of Audiotours’ and getunik's app builder Tour App Maker. With this web-based content management system clients are able to create, edit, update, expand and organize their app-content themselves, thus reducing external costs for the development of their apps. They also have the unique opportunity to develop further Smartphone applications in the future that are 100% identical in app-structure and look & feel. 

The Kambly Experience App is available in English, French and German. It can be downloaded for free for the iPhone and Android Smartphones.

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Kambly Experience Tour
Since April 2013.


Kambly SA
Spécialités de Biscuits Suisses
3555 Trubschachen


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