Project description


The hike covers 23.4 kilometers along the North portal to the Gotthard between Erstfeld and Göschenen. Once you are on the path, your current position is indicated real-time on a map whenever the GPS function is activated. The 43 places of interest along the route are also shown on the map and can be found with pictures, texts and sound, mostly with a direct view of the track. Hiking suggestions, current public transport connections and maps on sections of the route together with elevation profiles and indications of time simplify planning. And the youngsters among the hikers with some skill should manage to grab the Gottardo Explorer’s Certificate in a quiz.

The app includes sizeable amounts of data and is preferably downloaded over WLAN to the smartphone in advance. After installation, the entire contents are available offline so that no charges are incurred. Updates can be obtained at any time if necessary.

With this project, Audiotours was responsible for all the aspects, ranging from concept, execution with pictures, texts and sound to the app programming.

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