Visiting the Emmental with the help of the App

Welcome to the Emmental Cheese Route! Here you will learn many interesting things about the centuries-old tradition of cheese production. You will visit Jeremias Gotthelf in Lützelflüh, and Burgdorf Castle will make you feel like royalty! What's more, you will discover the Affoltern Show Cheese Dairy. The app was developed with the help of the app builder "Tour App Maker".

Project description

 - If you hire a FLYER e-bike you can easily complete the short tour (approx. 35 kilometres) or even the long tour (78 kilometres) in a day trip. You can find your way using a map which includes your current position, and you can use the GPS function on your smartphone or a hired GPS device to discover the many points of interest on the different tours (11 on the short tour, 21 on the long tour) and enjoy spectacular views with images, text and sound. Other interesting information will also help you plan your trip. And the younger visitors on the cheese route can earn themselves a Detective Diploma in a quiz with Emma the detective cow.

Easy App-Development with the help of the app builder "Tour App Maker"

The "Emmentaler Cheese Route"-app was developed with the help of Audiotours’ and getunik's app builder Tour App Maker. With this web-based content management system clients are able to create, edit, update, expand and organize their app-content themselves, thus reducing external costs for the development of their apps. They also have the unique opportunity to develop further Smartphone applications in the future that are 100% identical in app-structure and look & feel. 

The app is available in German, French and English. It can be downloaded for free for the iPhone and Android Smartphones. 

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Key Project Facts


Emmentaler Cheese Route
Since April 2013.


Tourismus Emmental
Bahnhofstrasse 44
3401 Burgdorf


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