Project description


The city of Lucerne is world famous for both its interesting history and scenic spendour. Landmarks such as the unique and well-recognised Kapellbrücke, or Chapel Bridge, over the River Reuss and magnificent Lake Lucerne have been photographed millions of times, but how do you as a new visitor to Lucerne best find your way around the city? And what are the must-see tourist attractions that you simply can’t miss?

On behalf of Lucerne Tourism, Audiotours GmbH has developed the travel guide app Official Audio Tour Lucerne to answer these questions. Available for both iOS and Android, the app contains pictures, sounds and texts for visitors and provides handy web links and maps.

Simple and intuitive to use

There are two main menus provided to suit your prefered touring style. The first menu provides orientation by means of a map that can be used online or offline, guiding you to Lucerne’s ten top attractions using simple route guidance. The second main menu presents these same ten points of interest through pictures and texts. And to make sure that you’re not only looking at the screen while strolling through the city, you can also listen to informative stories with sounds and music while enjoying your walking tour.

How it works

The audio tour app is equipped with a variety of useful features and functionalities, making it the ideal walking guide, a companion for history buffs, and an insider’s secret to the entertaining, modern city of Lucerne.

Some features of the app:

  • The defined route of the guided walking tour takes approximately two hours if followed in sequence.
  • Orientation uses an integrated map (Google Maps), which shows the route and the locations of the points of interest in Lucerne.
  • The map can also be used offline (then using OpenStreetMap) to ensure no data roaming costs are incurred, especially for foreign visitors.
  • Your own location can always be displayed on the map using GPS and location services if you’re using a smartphone.
  • Information on the points of interest is available at all times; you don’t necessarily have to follow the given route. As soon as you come near to a point of interest, it will be displayed on your smartphone.
  • Audio sequences are available for each point of interes; the total audio sequence for the whole tour is approximately 20 minutes.

The app can be downloaded for free in App Stores and is available in English and German.

Manage app content centrally with the "Tour App Maker".

The app was developed using the Web Content Management System (WebCMS) "Tour App Maker" by Audiotours GmbH. This platform enables tourism or museum establishments to easily capture, manage and publish their travel guide app content via a web browser; no programming knowledge is needed. Any changes to the content are updated within seconds on users‘ devices.

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