Project description


Precious furniture and paintings, stoves, painted wallpaper, clocks and porcelain tableware are testaments to the impeccable taste of the patrician family. At selected locations on the tour, some of these highlights are presented in the app. The integrated audio commentaries enrich the experience for visitors and really immerse them in everyday life at Wildegg Castle.

Easy App-Development with the help of the app builder "Tour App Maker"

The Castle Wildegg Audio Tour-app was developed with the help of Audiotours’ and getunik's app builder Tour App Maker. With this web-based content management system clients are able to enter, edit, update, expand and organize their app-content themselves, thus reducing external costs for the development of their apps. They also have the unique opportunity to develop further Smartphone applications in the future that are 100% identical in app-structure and look & feel.

The Castle Wildegg-app is available in German and French. It can be downloaded for free for the iPhone and Android Smartphones. In addition, iPods can be rented on site for the audio tour.