Project Description


You walk into a shop, buy yourself a new coffee machine, switch it on at home: there is nothing to stand in the way of your drinking pleasure. Be it espresso or café crème, the main thing is: the machine works. Or does it?  

It is a proven fact that instructions manuals are– read rarely and unwillingly. Consumers seldom notice the sophisticated technology in which manufacturers have invested a lot of money. JURA also knows that the default settings on their coffee machines usually remain unchanged. In other words: the customers only use a very small part of their machine's multiple functions.  

In order to make it as easy as possible for JURA clients to familiarise themselves with the coffee-making process of their newest "Kaffee Privatbereich" machine, Audiotours turned part of the instruction manual into an audio experience. With a mobile or landline phone call to a toll free 0800 number, consumers are guided through the various programme stages step by step and are repeatedly prompted to carry out actions directly on the machine. A simple diagram guides users to the required module where they can read up on everything they need to know about their new coffee machine and its various functions. 

There are also plans for this type of information to be used in the Jura World of Coffee Academy. Dealers and sales staff will then be able to benefit from further training in their own shop.  

And you? Would you care for a cappuccino?